TellTheBell Overview: Official Survey portal of Taco Bell!

Taco Bell is one of the notable fast food restaurants in America, it is established in many other well-known countries. Taco Bell serves with quality food and services, their staff are well disciplined. Moreover, they have set up an online survey Portal for their foodies. You can input your valuable feedback through online surveys.


Taco Bell takes care of the provided survey at TellTheBell portal, considering customers feedback they improvise there services and add new dishes. Taco Bell Online survey is beneficial for both the brand and customers. It gets stronger bonding between them. TellTheBell is an 24/7 portal you can access the survey portal at any time from anywhere to provide online surveys.

Discussion about TellTheBell Portal!


To access the official survey portal of Taco Bell you must visit the official TellTheBell URL portal. There are many other similar replica portals present on the internet which may mislead you. You must be at age 18 or above to provide the survey.

A valid 16-Digit code is must to access the online Taco Bell survey. You can find it in the Taco Bell receipt.


In case, if you don’t find the 16 digit code but have a valid receipt then you can input the store number, Date and time. You can find all the details in your latest Taco Bell receipt. Have a look at the above given image for clear understanding.

What question will be asked during the TellTheBell survey?

Below given are the questions that you have to answer, make sure you answer the questions depending on your last experience (Visit to Taco Bell)

  1. Accuracy of your order
  2. Portion size of your order.
  3. Cleaning parts of the restaurant like parks, gardens, etc.
  4. Appearance of your food.
  5. Speed of the service.
  6. Friendliness of the staff

Once done, you have to provide a rating and can include your valuable feedback, if any and click on the submit button. You will find a pop-up stating “Do You Want to Take Part in USD 500 luck draw” if yes, submit your name and number. Taco Bell will call you if you win the lucky draw of $500 cash.

Overall, the official survey portal TellTheBell is the actual bonding key between customers and the Taco Bell restaurants.


We’re glad to introduce a quick overview for the official survey portal of Taco Bell “TellTheBell” If you have any doubt or query kindly, note it in the given comment section. We will look into it!

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